4 Reasons to Take a Dolce Tempo Trip

If you've ever thought a bike tour was just for athletes, or that a walking tour may be too challenging, think again! Our Dolce Tempo trips are a more easygoing version of some of our best-selling active adventures, created for guests looking for a mellower pace and the company of other travelers who also like to savor the journey. These thoughtfully crafted itineraries allow for ultimate flexibility – whether that’s enjoying hand-picked routes over gentle trails, cruising on an e-bike, relaxing spa treatment at the hotel or anything in between.

Curious if a Dolce Tempo trip might be right for you? Here are four things you can expect:

1) Ultimate Flexibility

We believe flexibility is crucial on all Backroads trips, and it’s at the core of our Dolce Tempo itineraries. Each day, you have the luxury of choosing your own pace, activities and overall trip experience. Thanks to the support of dedicated Trip Leaders, local experts, two or more private Backroads vans and superior hotel amenities, you can shape your day exactly the way you want to.

Group of bikers on a road passing by a vineyard

2) Set Your Own Pace

Our Dolce Tempo trips are designed for travelers who want more time to stop and smell the roses, stroll in the town square or relax by the pool. There’s no rush to be first on the trail or to the summit, and no pressure to participate in all planned activities. It’s your vacation tuned to your own sweet pace.

Three bikers on an empty road, surrounded by grass

3) Relaxed Tempo

While a classic Backroads trip may feature a 10-mile hike or 50-mile bike ride, our Dolce Tempo trips have a lighter touch. Walking route options typically range from 2-7 miles while trips with e-biking feature options between 10-30 miles, with a general average of 2-4 hours of activity per day on any trip. Enjoy strolling along historic footpaths or kayaking in tranquil ocean coves at a softer pace with plenty of room to soak in culture, connect with other guests and locals and celebrate the moment.

Three bikers walking with e-bikes.

4) Superior Hospitality

Our hotels are among the world’s best, offering personalized customer service and superb regional cuisine seasoned with anecdotes from the chef. Throughout your journey, our experienced Trip Leaders elevate your vacation into a worry-free and unforgettable adventure. And on trips with e-biking, our custom Titanium Electric-Assist Bike is one of the lightest available, provides plenty of power to flatten any hills and more than enough battery range to cover the distance.

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Find your perfect trip at Backroads today. Search through over a hundred unique adventures.