Portugal Bike Tours

From the alluring streets of Lisbon to the Douro River Valley, Portugal is an idyllic place to venture off the beaten track. Whether you’re river cruising or pedaling through the countryside, this laid-back Mediterranean world will envelop you in its beauty and charm. Experience old-world Europe, from hillside villages and sun-soaked vineyards to churches clad in gleaming azulejo tiles to sweet Port wine in Porto. Enjoy one of Europe's best-kept secrets.


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Sheep grazing in a field around a solo tree.
Dolce tempo

Portugal Easygoing Multi-Adventure Tour

Dolce Tempo Journey in the Alentejo Countryside & Atlantic Coast
Sunset shot of still resort pool, palms, recliners.

Portugal's Algarve & Alentejo Bike Tour

From Lisbon to Vineyards, Castles & Beaches
POV shot among grapevines, sun shining.

Portugal's Porto & Douro Valley Bike Tour

Ancient Villages, Rugged Mountains & Valley Vineyards




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