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Region Overviews: Europe Travel Guide: Overview

Encapsulating 50 nations and a dizzying amount of cultural and natural diversity, Europe is a traveler’s playground.

Region Overviews: Costa Rica Travel Guide: Overview

This Central American paradise boasts beautiful beaches, dense tropical jungles and some of the friendliest and most welcoming locals you’ll ever meet.

Region Overviews: Italy Travel Guide: Overview

In Southern Europe—right in the heart of the Mediterranean—lies a boot-shaped country stuffed to the brim with culture, history and fine cuisine.

Region Overviews: Spain Travel Guide: Overview

Why exactly is Spain one of the most visited countries in the world? Read our Spain Travel Guide to learn why.

Region Overviews: Asia Travel Guide: Overview

Comprised of 48 countries and nearly 60 percent of the world’s population, Asia boasts a dizzying assortment of natural wonders, rich history and cultural feats.

Region Overviews: France Travel Guide: Overview

Long considered a global center of art, science, philosophy and sophistication, France boasts incredible diversity in its offerings to travelers.

Region Overviews: South America Travel Guide: Overview

Bordered by two oceans and spanning two hemispheres, South America is a vibrant, diverse continent comprised of twelve sovereign states.

Region Overviews: Africa Travel Guide: Overview

From its wildlife and untamed lands to its rich traditions and exciting, emerging future, Africa is a travel experience unlike anything else.

Region Overviews: Central America Travel Guide: Overview

Central America is a beautiful, exotic, colorful hodgepodge of adventure tourism, pre-Columbian civilizations and colonial remnants.

Region Overviews: Canada Travel Guide: Overview

Sprawling, massive Canada contains everything from six time zones to a series of ecosystems so diverse you could conceivably encounter polar bears and grizzly bears on the same trip.

Region Overviews: Portugal Travel Guide: Overview

The oldest nation-state in Europe—it became the Kingdom of Portugal in 1139—Portugal is as steeped in history as it is in its own unique culture.

Region Overviews: Greece Travel Guide: Overview

Whether you’re strolling a ruin or sunning on the beach, Greece is an intoxicating, beautiful, historically rich nation with something to offer every world wanderer.

Region Overviews: Iceland Travel Guide: Overview

Just shy of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is an island nation that features pristine glaciers, sulfuric hot springs and stunning fjords alongside the trendy bars of capital, Reykjavík.

Region Overviews: Galapagos Travel Guide: Overview

Describing the residents and habitat of the Galapagos Islands takes creativity and an exhaustive vocabulary. Nowhere else on Earth can you find such a collection of wildlife.

Region Overviews: Vietnam Travel Guide: Overview

Inside this breadth of natural diversity and jaw-dropping beauty, there are bustling cities, remote hillside villages, centuries-old Buddhist temples and skyscraping corporate headquarters.

Region Overviews: Croatia Travel Guide: Overview

Whatever has caught your eye and enticed you to visit this beautiful corner of Europe, a trip to Croatia will definitely not disappoint.

Region Overviews: Ireland Travel Guide: Overview

Ireland is an enchanting place, and the serene, beautiful scenery features breathtaking views and stunning landscapes throughout the whole country.

Region Overviews: New Zealand Travel Guide: Overview

Whether you’re seeking unique wildlife, world-class restaurants, pristine hiking, unmatched cultural experiences or tropical beaches, New Zealand brings it all together.

Region Overviews: Hawaii Travel Guide: Overview

Made up of eight primary islands. Hawaii is home to postcard-perfect beaches and waterfalls, breathtaking sunsets, active volcanoes and ancient lava flows.

Region Overviews: Argentina Travel Guide: Overview

Sprawling all the way from the Bolivian border south to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is the world’s eighth-largest country and one of the most geographically diverse.

Region Overviews: Ecuador Travel Guide: Overview

Ecuador is home to Amazonian jungle, mountainous Andean sierra and stunning Pacific coastline. Ecuador even boasts the wildlife-abundant Galapagos Islands.

Region Overviews: Cambodia Travel Guide: Overview

Cambodia has a rich history, as any visitor to the incredible temples of Angkor Wat can attest. Learn more about this incredible culture by reading our Cambodia Travel Guide.

Region Overviews: Cuba Travel Guide: Overview

From its architecture to its white-sand beaches and abandoned coffee plantations, a trip to Cuba is as rich in experience as it is in magic.

Region Overviews: Japan Travel Guide: Overview

From bubbling hot springs and white-sand beaches to ornate temples and metropolitan chaos, Japan is a land of almost mythic beauty and diversity.

Region Overviews: Scotland Travel Guide: Overview

Scotland is a notoriously magical place, where rumors of faeries and the Loch Ness Monster abound, and once you arrive, it’s easy to see why.

Region Overviews: California Travel Guide: Overview

Take some time to explore California, and you'll understand why visitors from all over the world flock here.

Region Overviews: Peru Travel Guide: Overview

From the Amazon jungle to the to the Pacific Ocean, Peru is extraordinarily diverse. In fact, few places on this planet can claim the geographical variety of Peru.

Region Overviews: Alaska Travel Guide: Overview

More than just a state, the “Last Frontier” lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s last great wild places.

Region Overviews: Antarctica Travel Guide: Overview

The earth’s southernmost landmass, Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent in the world, and it was the last one humans discovered and explored.

Region Overviews: Germany Travel Guide: Overview

Traveling Germany is like stepping inside of a storybook, with each city visited eliciting new characters, unimaginable adventures, and entirely surreal settings.

Region Overviews: Patagonia Travel Guide: Overview

Patagonia is every outdoor adventurer’s dream—400,000 square miles of some of the most rugged landscapes Mother Nature has to offer.

Region Overviews: Bhutan Travel Guide: Overview

Known as the “Last Shangri-La.", Bhutan's culture is deeply influenced by a unique form of Buddhism and rich with traditions of spirituality, art, music, dance and food.

Region Overviews: Paris Travel Guide: Overview

Paris, also known as the City of Lights and the City of Love, is truly one of Europe’s most recognizable and enduring cities.

Region Overviews: Caribbean Travel Guide: Overview

With 28 island nations, the region of the Caribbean is a dazzling combination of mountain peaks, astoundingly bustling reefs and a long, fraught colonial lineage.

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