Backroads Values and How They Impact Your Adventure Vacation

The other day a guest asked me how we're able to hire such amazing leaders with such consistently exemplary values. He then asked whether we specifically recruited for values. Which prompted me to review the criteria we use to screen leaders. Guess what? No "values" were listed. Plenty of leadership, guest service, judgment, motivation, teamwork, ability to connect with guests, active lifestyle and mechanical inclination type criteria. And about 40 sub-criteria. But no values. Then it dawned on me. Values are so ingrained in Backroads that it's inherently how we look at everything, but especially in how we treat people. Honesty, integrity and treating people with respect regardless of who they are and where they come from all matter to me and they matter to Backroads. As in, they mean EVERYTHING. These values matter, and we're proud of it. We think you'll see that they matter to you too.

Guests rate our trip leaders 9.8 out of 10 on post-trip surveys. They send me quotes like, "Our guides made it the best vacation of my life!" (Dawn B., Alaska Hiking) every day.

All our leaders are employees of Backroads -- we don't hire third-party contractors as many other outfitters do. Which means our leaders know our values, are commited to our quality standards and are empowered to make your vacation the best it can be. I invite you to meet some of our leaders and read comments readers have posted on my blogs. And I encourage you to post your experiences with Backroads leaders so others can understand the difference. Because everyone deserves the best vacation ever!

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