Cyprus Groves to Remote Beaches: A Closer Look at Hiking in Turkey

Turkey is known as the place where East meets West. It’s where Christianity meets Islam, where Byzantine meets Ottoman, and where Europe meets Asia. It’s a country steeped in a rich, multi-cultural heritage and history. If you’re considering taking a hiking trip to Turkey, get ready to discover alluring ancient ruins and historical sites along beautiful cypress- and pine-covered trails. Some of our favorite places to hike in Turkey are ones that are off the typical tourist path (this is Backroads, after all!). Here are some must-see locations on your next trip to Turkey

Cleopatra’s Bay

This thermal bath was once a wedding gift from Marc Antony to Cleopatra! Here’s your chance to swim in the waters that the queen is rumored to have swum in herself over 2,000 years ago. On your way down to these ruins, pass Lycian remains of the ancient city of Lydae and enjoy sweeping sea views of the turquoise waters below. As you cool down from your hike in the waters, look out for sea turtles and schools of fish.

cleopatra bay

Sarsala Bay

A perfect place for a quiet hike along the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy coastal views as you traverse pine-lined trails. And make sure to pack a swimsuit - you won’t be able to resist the crystal blue waters in this beautiful location! If you’re staying in Gocek for the evening, be sure to explore the town and try mezes (Turkish small plates similar to Spanish tapas) as well as raki, Turkey’s most famous alcohol.



Known most notably for its rock-cut tombs that are carved into a cliffside, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great place for a low-impact hike. It was created in the 8th or 9th centuries BC and was abandoned in the 15th Century. Visitors walk the streets to see the well-preserved remnants of a Greek theater, Byzantine church, and a Roman bath.



Hike up to this 3,000-year-old Leleg city, considered to be the oldest civilization of the Aegean region. These impressive ruins boast an acropolis on their hill, and visitors can see the remnants of the defensive wall that once stood. This city is close to the local village of Dagbelen, from where you can see stunning views of the Bodrum and Aman bays.


Your Next Trip to Turkey

If you’re looking for a trip to Turkey that takes you off the traditional tourist path but still exposes you to the diverse blend of cultures that the country has to offer, then check out our Turkey Walking & Hiking Tour. We can’t wait to share this incredible country with you!

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