Cinque Terre Walking & Hiking Tours

Five colorful villages connected by miles of incredible hiking trails in a rugged, picturesque landscape of coastal cliffs, lemon trees and vineyards. With Backroads, come discover why Cinque Terre walking tours are some of the best in all of Italy. Stroll hand-picked routes from pastel-hued towns to stunning seaside vistas, relax at elegant hotels and stop in at our local friends’ restaurants to enjoy local wine and fresh seafood along the way.  

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Which Cinque Terre tour is right for me?

Both Backroads tours here discover all five villages of Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. Both travel along the gorgeous Italian Riviera, and both feature Pisa, Tuscany, and Florence as gateway cities, giving you excellent opportunities for city sightseeing both before and after the tour. And they both stay in the same comfortable, well-appointed, Casual and Casual Plus hotels, where we’re welcomed like old friends by our longtime local partners.

Our classic Cinque Terre trip offers incredible hiking along this gorgeous coastline, with three route options each day—including options that will make you work up a sweat, if that’s what you want! Our Dolce Tempo tour features more walking than hiking—typically with two to three hours of activity per day—so that you can have plenty of time to slow down and relax at the hotel, sip a cappuccino at a local café or explore the vibrant culture of the Italian Riviera.

Why is Cinque Terre called the “Italian Riviera”?

Cinque Terre has a fascinating history. Over the centuries, it’s played host to colorful characters from Marco Polo to Friedrich Nietzsche and Evita Perón. Charles Dickens once called Camogli “the saltiest, roughest, most piratical little place.” But once this gorgeous stretch of coastline became famous for its beguiling Mediterranean way of life and gorgeous coastal views, it began attracting a new set of visitors—Coco Chanel among them—and earned its reputation for luxury, along with its nickname.

Where can I learn more about travel in Cinque Terre?

Take a virtual tour of this stunning landscape with Backroads Trip Leader Tommasso Spinelli in our Bite-Sized Cinque Terre video. Read leader Russell Grange’s insight into what makes traveling here so special. Or for a guide to the five villages of Cinque Terre and what you should know before you go, check out this two-minute travel blog from leader Jane Mangione.

How can I extend my trip?

If you want to extend your Italy trip with another active adventure, consider nearby Tuscany. We have a number of biking and walking tours in Tuscany. Otherwise, our Cinque Terre trips feature Florence and Pisa as gateway cities, both stunning destinations in their own right, and worth exploring at the beginning or end of any adventure in Italy. Or hop on an easy train or flight to discover Rome, Venice, Paris or any other iconic European city.

What other destinations do you recommend?

If you like the idea of strolling through beautiful villages on the stunning Italian coast, take a look at our Amalfi Coast Walking & Hiking Tour, in another region of Italy located further south. Our Amalfi Coast trip, which includes time on the island of Capri, is a Premiere trip that features incredible, luxurious accommodations. 

Further afield is Croatia, which features similar Mediterranean-style villages (also frequented by Marco Polo) on the Adriatic Sea. We also have an amazing array of biking, walking & hiking trips in Croatia, which feature island-hopping fun along with incredible activities, accommodations and meals!

Finally, if you’re looking for a truly quintessential European walking and hiking experience, our trips on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal combine incredible exploring on two feet with fascinating history, luxurious lodgings and vibrant local culture.

Why should I travel with Backroads?

Backroads has offered exceptional active adventures around the world for more than 40 years, with biking, hiking, multi-adventure and easygoing Dolce Tempo tours in more than 55 countries. With the best Trip Leaders in the world of travel, thoughtfully planned itineraries, multiple route options each day and luxurious hotels, as well as specifically designed trips for couples, friends and solos and families in three distinct age groups, a small-group adventure with Backroads is the best way to get out and discover the world actively, at your own pace and with the people you care about.


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