Meet Some of Our Leaders

Great leaders are the key to an unforgettable active travel experience—Backroads sets the standard by staffing three leaders* per trip. Guests tell us constantly that our Trip Leaders they've ever traveled with, rating their performance consistently at 9.7 out of 10 on post-trip surveys. We make sure those scores stay up there by running the most rigorous recruiting, training and guest satisfaction programs in the business. We work year-round to find and train these talented people—we hired only 8% of leader applicants in 2016.

* Over 95% of Backroads guests on scheduled trips travel with three Backroads trip leaders or support staff, and two or more vehicles. We even add a fourth leader for meet and move days on some of our most logistically complex trips with the most guests to ensure everyone enjoys the best possible support. On less than 5% of scheduled trips, the number of guests is small enough that we can maintain our trademark high service standards with just two leaders and one van.