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    Trip Prep Specialist Guest Praise

The following are just a sampling of the hundreds of comments from guests that we receive annually.


Aced it this week ladies! It was so lovely working alongside you and the smooth operation you have created at the warehouse! A beautiful thing to see and be a part of, Thank you :)

Keren, Croatia

Bacon cheese Ritz crackers were such a huge hit!! Seriously though, I felt that the prep for this trip was great, and there was never any scramble on trip to make do with what we had or to buy anything important that was missing. Bikes were in great shape overall as well!

Michael, Glacier

Camilo was so proactive. Every time I turned around he was grabbing the thing I forgot.

Courtney, Maine

Clara! You help the Prep Day run smoothly every time. You are always there to pick up any other task to make the Prep Day quick and easy. I know that I can trust you with anything and am so glad we work so well together. Thank you for revolutionizing the organization systems within the manila envelopes on the shelves. I look forward to Prepping with you again.

Jack, The Canyons


Federica, The Alps

Greg - amazing job on the bikes. In the history of trips in Andalucía, this trip had fewer "bike" issues than any I can remember.

Kelsey, Andalucia

Victor! Thank you again and again for everything. You make prep days so smooth and so calm. I really appreciate all of your work and everything you do to make the warehouse a WONDERFUL place to be!

Sarah, Brittany & Normandy