A Letter From Tom Hale

Dear Applicant,

Over forty years ago, I was inspired to start Backroads by the belief that traveling actively was the most rewarding way to experience the world. Researching and leading those first trips was an education and a challenge. But most of all, it was fun. And it's still fun. After nearly four decades of being intimately involved in making Backroads the best it can possibly be, I'm more excited than ever about where we're headed. It's an honor to lead a company composed of such talented, motivated and fun-loving individuals who are so passionate about and dedicated to creating extraordinary guest experiences.

Backroads exists to treat our guests to a style of travel that is unparalleled in the industry—truly genuine, adventurous and immersive experiences built on a foundation of legendary guest service. This is where you come in. Fulfilling this commitment is not an easy job and it's sure to have its challenges. But as any Backroads leader will tell you, it's one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you'll ever have. So what makes a great Backroads employee? Every one at Backroads has their own unique personality that adds so much to every trip. They also share certain critical qualities—a genuine care for others, leadership and communication skills, a passion for traveling and being active, pride in providing truly exceptional service—that allow them to achieve our goal of doing a world-class job with style and professionalism. Take a look at the information on these pages and consider not just whether you are right for the job, but if this job, this lifestyle, is right for you. We hope it is! Take a few minutes to apply and see where it leads—there's a world of adventure waiting for you!

–Tom Hale, Founder & President