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Waterfalls of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

The sights and sounds of waterfalls have always captivated me. Whether it's due to the security my brain feels near a clean freshwater source or the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding ecosystem, I just feel so invigorated. I've chased waterfalls from Western Canada to South America to Asia and have marveled at them all. But there's a place, right in the heart of the Western United States, that might be the best kept secret of all the cascading sheets of water. It's called "Waterfall Alley" and it's nestled in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge.
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Can Turning Off Your Smartphone Improve Your Life?

It might seem ironic to highlight the benefits of disconnecting from technology via an online blog, but I'm not here to say technology is bad. On the contrary, smart devices help us connect with others, allow for new learning, and can provide deeper insights into topics as diverse as politics and science. But when do the scales tip in the other direction? At what point does constant connectivity begin to do more harm than good?
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Hiking in Norway

Bright green moss and dewy ferns filled the understory, while a thick fog engulfed the treetops. Through the mist, I could make out craggy mountains, with over a dozen waterfalls cascading down the sides. Farther ahead, the deep azure blue of a glacier peaked out from the summit of a rocky pass.
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Walking the Camino de Santiago

To truly understand the significance of the Camino, you have to travel at least a part of it yourself. I did and what I discovered is that at the heart of this storied path of quaint villages, picturesque landscapes and historical relics lies a deep spiritual journey – one that began with Roman-era Christians but now includes people from many different walks of life.
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