Arrive Healthy, Stay Healthy

Staying healthy before and on your trip allows you to fully enjoy everything we have planned for you! However, we understand that sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. We've compiled a few resources below to guide you on how Backroads handles illness during trips.

Whether in pre-travel mode, on a flight or on your Backroads trip, support your health by staying hydrated, eating well, washing your hands and getting plenty of sleep! 

If you experience symptoms of illness during your trip, depending on the severity, we recommend taking care of yourself by resting and not partaking in any group activities until your symptoms improve and you're fever free (if applicable). We encourage guests with respiratory or gastro-intestinal symptoms to take appropriate precautions, including wearing masks indoors and in any shuttles, dining separately and washing and sanitizing hands frequently. These recommendations are at each guest’s discretion as they evaluate their own health considerations and those of their traveling companions. 

Backroads does not enforce mask wearing nor any other recommendations. Furthermore, Backroads is not responsible for the onset of any illnesses during the trip. Please come prepared to protect your health in a way that best suits your specific needs and your own personal comfort, including bringing a mask and dining separately if desired.  

Travel Insurance: We encourage all guests to review and consider adding travel protection to their trip, to protect your travel investment; including missed activities due to injury or illness, when documented by a physician. Learn more about Arch RoamRight Travel Insurance here or call 800-462-2848 for more details. 

Regional Entry Requirements: Please note that some international destinations have specific requirements and/or documents needed for entry. See up-to-date details by destination on our Regional Entry Requirements page.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: As an additional resource, the CDC recommends taking precautions while traveling; learn more here.

Backroads Terms and Conditions: See more information about the Backroads terms and booking policies here.