Guest Testimonials: The Backroads Experience

My whole life is changed because of this experience. I've just been home for an hour or so, and have already emailed everyone I know to tell them to get on the Backroads website to book a trip.

Jennifer Cox - Chicago, IL

Backroads was an amazing experience. Our trip far exceeded our expectations—and was literally, the trip of a lifetime.

Danielle Seymour - Lafayette, CO

As I reflect back on the variety of travels over my lifetime (43 countries), some packaged tours but mostly self-directed, I can honestly say this has been my most enjoyable travel experience ever. The only regret I have is that I did not discover Backroads years ago!

Carolyn Tonner - Head of St Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

Well done! Your trips add value to one's life. You provide opportunities that bring people together, place them in remarkable locations and, in many cases, ask the individuals to challenge themselves physically, resulting in true feelings of accomplishment. It doesn't get much better than that! Thank you!

Lynda Farmer - North Saanich, BC

Absolutely the best trip that I have ever been on and quite possibly the best week of my life. It was really a great experience.

David Dines - Wayzata, MN

I've been active traveling for 20+ years. Never have I experienced such a level of professionalism and execution of detail all focused around providing the greatest overall experience. Bravo Backroads.

Lloyd Sheiner - Westmount, Quebec

Backroads, you've got it right.

Diane Phillips - Chatham, NJ

It's fair to say that a Backroads trip can change your life! Everyone who is thinking about a Backroads trip should definitely go! You can't go wrong with Backroads!

Michael Cartier - Portage, MI

It was really a fantastic trip for so many reasons. Backroads is definitely a quality organization and it is very impressive how many repeat vacationers there are—with good reason.

Alice Wilder - New York, NY

The trip was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. The Backroads touch (organization, local contacts, trip leaders) made all the difference. It was a fantastic trip in all respects.

Pam Gellen - Chicago, IL

Once again, we must rave about the folks at Backroads. From start to finish, you guys are insanely good... What a celebration of life!

Joanne Meagher - Coral Gables, FL

You have an excellent company and excellent employees. I have been thoroughly impressed. This has been a wonderful, memorable experience.

Nick Vrba - Plymouth, MN

I have now finished ten trips with Backroads and continue to be overwhelmed by your formula and its superb execution by your well trained, thoughtful, kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and most professional group of leaders. Tom, my hat is off to you and your team for all you do to make our lives a bit more enjoyable trip after trip.

Richard Westin - Orinda, CA

This was our first experience with Backroads and it was wonderful!! Your staff at the office and your group leaders are wonderful—you made it so easy to organize and plan all we needed. Truly a 5 star experience!

Debbie Waltermine - Blountville, TN

What can I say but fantastic! Since my first travels with Backroads 11½ years ago, I constantly talk about the company with other people. I have never had such great vacations as I have had with Backroads.

Amanda Riggs - Fort McMurray, AB

For the first time in my life, I am home from vacation feeling stronger and better about myself. Wow.

Bard Rockenbach - North Palm Beach, FL

The Backroads 'model' and the high standards the company has in consistently exceeding customer expectations are the reasons we keep coming back. Thank you for all that you do in creating unforgettable lifetime memories.

Dan Polinko - Strongsville, OH

Overall exceptional experience and great company. Everything from booking, to confirmation, to information flow was exceptional.

Gregory Brown - Langhorne, PA

Your process, people and planning were top notch. Thank you!

Wendy Penfield - Raleigh, NC

I had heard so many good things about Backroads from friends and was extremely happy to see it all live up to the hype, and then some! I will be back for more.

Christine Kenny - Charlestown, MA

When you only have a week and it's really got to count, Backroads makes it worthwhile.

Paul Brody - Woodside, CA

The Backroads commitment to a personal level of service is apparent and so very appreciated. The genuine interest and execution of so many detailed extras made a significant difference in the experience. Backroads is truly a Small Giant.

Stephanie Breedlove - Austin, TX

We had been dreaming of and planning this trip for so long, that I was afraid I would be expecting too much. But it was so much better than we had even hoped for. Thanks, Backroads, for the trip of a lifetime!

Michael Kellum - Allen, TX

This was a trip of a lifetime! Backroads made everything so easy and we loved every minute.

Gunnar Knapp - Anchorage, AK

Every aspect of the trip exceeded our expectation from the accommodations, to the quality of the leaders to the bike routes! It was the best biking we have ever done in our lives!

Deborah McDonald - Herndon, VA

The more I think about this trip, the more awesome it becomes. You guys are the absolute best—the whole operation and trip appeared flawlessly done. Thank you so much for giving me one of the high times of my life!!

Julie Prinsen - Newburgh, IN

This was my 13th trip with Backroads and it definitely exceeded my expectations, which is harder and harder to do!

Cindy Black - San Francisco, CA

From the scenery, the biking, the leaders, the food and wine, and the inns—it was a phenomenal experience in every way. We feel we've become Backroads ambassadors as we tell everyone we know how unbelievable these trips are.

Lori Hess - Simsbury, CT

Best vacation ever! Great guides; beautiful places; interesting culture and fun, fun, fun! Thank you!

Kaitlyn Riddle - Berkeley, CA

Our trip was to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, booked as a 'surprise' for my husband, Calvin. It was absolutely delightful in every way! From the organization of your company in pre-trip performance, up to the final goodbye, we had nothing but wonderful weather, tremendous service and outstanding activity.

Becky Babcock

This was our ninth Backroads trip and they seem to get better every time.

Tom Backofen - Orland Park, IL

I think the biggest asset of Backroads is the 'people' and everyone that I met was fully engaged in the company's philosophy.

Anika Christophe Torres - Hamburg, Germany

The genius of Backroads is the combination of personal challenge and adventure with unsurpassed service and luxury that is ideal for those of us who want to be both active and spoiled on vacation.

Edith Schonberg - New York, NY

I am so impressed with Backroads—your company is the most customer friendly and supportive travel company I have ever had the opportunity to interact with. You deserve off the chart marks on all levels of your service from calling to sign up to the actual trip quality and quality of leaders...

Patsy Gleason - Green Valley, AZ

You all made our 20th anniversary something we will never forget! We are recommending Backroads to all of our friends and hope to travel with you again in the future.

Franky Voss - Muncie, IN

This trip was fantastic and executed flawlessly by the Backroads leaders and in-country support team. They made it easy to let go and relax and just enjoy the activities and the amazing beauty of this country.

Nancy Boughton - Santa Clara, CA

Taking a Backroads trip is like enjoying the sweetest part of the watermelon, the planners and trip leaders trim away everything but the sweetest core of the trip. They worry about the logistics, the problem solving, so that as a guest, the most you worry about is what to order at dinner and how far to go on each daily option.

Jeff Tanji - Davis, CA

Wonderful. We have found our preferred way of seeing the world.

Gary Polsen - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Traveling with Backroads, we sit back, relax and watch the adventure unfold. No logistic to be concerned about, and even problems evaporate with Backroads magic.

Steven Adamsky - Weston, FL

The absolute best vacation of my life... The leaders, food (loved the picnic lunches) and biking were awesome.

Mary Navroth - Yardley, PA

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