Fitting You to Your Bike

Backroads leaders will fit you to your bike on arrival, and can make minor tweaks along the trip to help you ride most comfortably. If ultra-precise adjustments* are important to you, please communicate your measurements to us before your trip, at your earliest convenience.

  • If you have your bike measurements from a previous fitting, please forward them to us via MyBackroads, email, phone or fax. If you don't have this info on hand, your bike shop may be able to help you. (See the diagram below for the four numbers needed: saddle height, saddle fore-aft, reach and drop.)
  • If you don't have the bike measurements, you're welcome to take them yourself, assuming your current fit works for you. Using the diagram below, measure your current bike in centimeters and provide Backroads with the four measurements via MyBackroads, email, phone or fax.
  • If you don't have the four bike measurements and aren't able to do a pre-trip measurement, we can do it for you when you arrive. Even if your fitting was completed by your local shop, we'll take the time to fine tune your bike for maximum riding comfort and efficiency.
Backroads Bike Custom Fit Graphic

* If you require anything other than standard fit adjustments, we do have a selection of stems and saddles that can be fitted to your bike—please communicate your request to your Trip Consultant well before your trip departs.