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This was my first group travel experience, having always traveled independently in the past. I didn't quite know what to expect and whether I would like it or not...I loved every minute!! From our Backroads Trip Leaders to the local guides, I felt like I was in excellent hands doing incredible things in spectacular natural surroundings. I particularly liked traveling with my fellow Backroads travelers and getting to know them. Without exception, they were an interesting and extremely well-traveled group, and I loved our interaction. And I hope to see some of them again sometime, either on another Backroads trip or just a local visit. This Patagonian trip was a wonderful experience for me and thanks to you, Backroads, for making it so.
Richard Tigner- Atlanta, GA

I just loved every aspect of the trip. The hiking and the views were unbeatable. I particularly loved the remoteness of all the locations. All of our guides were wonderful and very knowledgeable.
Julie Jenkins- Holderness, NH

The Eolo Lodge was fantastic and Estancia Christina was also a unique experience; especially the Fossil Canyon hike (I've never seen such a stark landscape as at the beginning of that hike at Upsala...looks like photos of Mars in total silence). Overall another excellent Backroads trip.
James Thompson- Atlanta, GA

Exploring Argentina is like getting a new present every day...Surprises are beyond every bend in the trail, and beauty and charm beyond anyone's imagination lie in the quiet villages and the natural terrain.
Jack McLeavy with Elise Lipoff- Tallahassee Magazine

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