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One of the principal reasons we vacation with Backroads is that we could never come up with the quality of the accommodations, dining, or general experience if we tried to book the trip on our own - and it's kinda nice to have the Backroads leaders fussing over us.
Mark Smucker- Granger, IN

It is obvious we LOVE Backroads by the number of trips we've already taken! I can't get enough. And, there's certainly no reason to check out any other travel/active company.
Kathy Williams- Grand Rapids, MI

It truly is an experience I will never forget! I love the fact that I learned so much about other people, their country and culture, and - surprise! surprise! - about myself!
Deanna Carstens- McHenry, IL

Words are inadequate to express the extraordinary adventure. Top-notch in every way. Thank you for the best vacation ever. The group dynamics were amazing and leaders were a dynamic duo! Their partnership, attentiveness to our needs and their positive encouragement made this a vacation of self-discovery in the midst of a cathedral of nature. All my future vacations will be with Backroads.
Marcia Baygents- Jacksonville, FL

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