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Great fun and excellent coordination of every detail by your team. Everything from the pre-trip information, to the day-in and day-out support, was handled perfectly. The Backroads Team operated with great efficiency and a smile throughout. I don't think we could have asked for a better prepared or more enthusiastic group of folks to spend the ten days with. Easy to see that the value of your brand and business is anchored by the quality of your people. Credit to Backroads for being able to recruit and retain talented staff and trip leaders.
Jack Bartell- Marana, AZ

This was one of the best vacations I ever had. The location, the other guests on the trip, the trip leaders, the cycling, the weather, and the alternate activities all added up to a wonderful and memorable experience for me.
Karrie McGuigan- San Marcos, CA

I love your trips. I had no idea about what New Zealand was like and now I feel I have learned so much. We are so well taken care of, the biking is perfect for all levels, and I saw so much of the country.
Cathy Linn- Issaquah, WA

I cannot say enough good things about this trip. I believe it was a combination of great leaders, a great group and of course the wonderful country.
Susan McGougan- Naples, FL

I would do this trip over and over again - it was fantastic. The leaders were great, knowledgeable, funny, motivational, supportive, organized... Thanks for a great experience!
Kathryn Rowell- Stoneham, MA

I recently traveled with Backroads to New Zealand, and I believe it was one of the defining vacations of my life (and I have probably been on several thousand vacations in my life). Two reasons it was so terrific were the leaders. Both represented Backroads at its best: attentive, gentlemanly, athletic, sensitive to the guests' needs, and always there when you needed them.
August Cosentino- New York, NY

This was my first bike trip and I will admit that I was nervous about it. My husband is the biker in the family, but my trepidation was overcome by my desire to share this experience with him. I need not have worried. Your leaders never once made me feel that I was an encumbrance. With their expert advice and warm support I felt as good about reaching my own goals as did those who were able to finish every mile. Kudos to you for your excellent choice of staff and obvious good training. I have been singing the praises of Backroads ever since we returned. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Carolyn McGoldrick- Portland, ME

I saw New Zealand like most people don't see it. I experienced what a rain forest is truly like. I think of the rides I did almost daily. I know that I challenged myself in the miles I rode. It gave me a great sense of peace that I have been able to carry with me even though I have been home eight days.
Pat Brummet- Wilmette, IL

The New Zealand trip was my favorite of all... The biking was challenging but there was plenty of time to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings and the New Zealand wines!
Kathy Ryan- Billings, MT

The genius of Backroads is the combination of personal challenge and adventure with unsurpassed service and luxury that is ideal for those of us who want to be both active and spoiled on vacation.
Edith Schonberg- New York, NY

Such an awesome, fun, great trip... I loved every day. From the riding, to the group and of course the guides, all made the experience an unforgettable one! You guys do a great job! Being catered to is something I had never experienced on a trip, as we have always done our own thing, but I must say I adjusted to the pampering very quickly and it made our trip oh so easy. All we had to do was have the most fun we could have every day!
Franny Cohn- Telluride, CO

I was very impressed with your guides. They immediately picked up on participants' individual personalities, idiosyncrasies and preferences. Their ability and talent of keeping everything fun and moving was not to be taken for granted.
Ted Huang- Menlo Park, CA

This was my favorite trip yet. I went solo but still felt part of the group - there were nine of us so we got to know each other pretty well. Everyone included me. I felt like I fit right in with respect to others' demographics and experiences.
Mary McGlone- Mill Valley, CA

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