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Another wonderful trip - our 17th! You always set the bar high and then sail over it!
Douglas Pirnie- New York, NY

Just got back last night, and I couldn't wait to fill out my evaluation form... I just wanted to tell someone how great the entire trip was. The trip went by so fast! I was very sad when it ended. Both our leaders were extraordinary.(Backroads must be doing something right with its selection process, because you couldn't have asked for anything more from either of these two women.) I was waiting to see how I would like this trip before I booked any others...but now I think I will make all my vacation plans through Backroads. Thank you again for the trip of a lifetime!!!!
Julie Shishino- Culver City, CA

As has always been my experience on a Backroads trip, I couldn't have asked for more of the leaders. I particularly appreciate the way they saw to my dietary needs. They were extremely flexible regarding the group's needs both on the bike and off. Rearrange a morning to get us to a cash machine? No problem! Swing by a drugstore when I came down with a cold? No problem! They are hard-working and cheerful and just a pleasure to travel with.
Dore Hollander- New York, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed this Backroads trip. The region, leaders and mix of families on the trip were all wonderful. It was an excellent mix of physical activity, historical and cultural learning and fun. My entire family had a great experience. We're ready to do it again somewhere else!
Tina Arechiga- Long Beach, CA

Another wonderful trip! I loved the region - so much history and culture and beauty.
Susan Ciccarone- New York, NY

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