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An outstanding multisport trip that balances cycling, hiking and rafting. Among the best, most enjoyable vacation experiences I've had. Banff/Jasper is one of the most beautiful places I've visited, with a view around every corner that could be on a postcard. The trip leaders were accommodating, knowledgeable, flexible and overall great ambassadors for the area and for Backroads.
Brian Hale- Fitchburg, WI

I am now the Southeastern poster child for Backroads. This was a life-changing experience, a rebirth, an epiphany, a blessing. As I have told my friends, the only part more spectacular than the scenery is the amazing people, both guests and staff. This was the smartest thing I've ever done for myself.
Peter Moore- Spartanburg, SC

Far exceeded our expectations. We really enjoyed not having to worry about anything, including spend time researching where we were going to stay or eat. The organization and planning was off the charts and the leaders were fantastic. I had some reservations about being together with an unknown group of people for a vacation, but that turned out to be one of the nicest things about the trip.
Maria Iacobucci- San Anselmo, CA

Backroads creates a seamless experience that leaves you enriched and amazed by the beauty of nature and by your own capability to accomplish your physical goals. From day one, you feel part of a team—the group dynamic of encouragement and amiability, enhanced by fantastic Backroads leaders, helps you meet your goals while having the vacation of a lifetime.
Dan GoldbergerGreat Neck, NY

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