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I was supremely impressed by Backroads - the itinerary, the leaders, the food, the organization, and the people who joined me in Alaska. I was thrilled to be a part of it and I look forward to more Backroads trips in the future. Now that I am home, I already miss the friends I made on the trip - both leaders and group members alike - and eagerly await next year's catalog to see where else I might like to go.
Marc Sheinkin- Arlington, VA

This was my first Backroads trip. I generally travel on my own and have had great trips...yet this was the BEST trip I have ever taken. The guides were truly the reason this experience was so absolutely wonderful and amazing, and were the reason that my mind was boggled that the trip seemed to be over before it started! I have worked in the travel industry and was delighted by the passion and professionalism of each of the team leaders - not only individually, but as a team as well. They began the trip by informing us that this was "our trip" and asked that we communicate at any and all times on anything that would make our experience better (no matter how large or small the request.) When we communicated...they provided, when challenged, they rose to the challenge. I have never witnessed this caliber of enthusiastic customer service before. Bravo to you Tom for making these individuals part of your team. Bonus, benefit...they are each AWESOME individuals and FUN as well. It was hard to say goodbye.
Eva Richardson- Flat Rock, MI

A great experience, being a single traveler it is sometimes hard to imagine going on vacation by yourself. I can't wait to do it again.
Laura Schuldt- Palos Hills, IL

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