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The trip could not have been better. Every aspect was extremely well thought-out, researched and coordinated. Despite the relatively tight itinerary there was still an amazing amount of flexibility. No request or need was unmet and both trip leaders were extremely resourceful in accommodating us. It became a bit of a joke on the trip how well things were organized and how good Backroads' local contacts were. We always were whisked through customs. Vans were always available, snacks and drinks just kept on coming, the opportunities to go where other groups did not - to visit homes and to hike through remote villages was particularly impressive. Clearly a great deal of time was spent on making this the spectacular trip that it was.
Stephen Gluckman- Philadelphia, PA

I really liked the focus on learning and in particular, experiencing so much of the local culture vs. just doing physical activities. I liked that we had quite a bit of opportunity to mix with locals, and that this was encouraged by our leaders. I especially liked the visits to non-traditional tourist places. You sometimes felt like we were the first "western" visitors there.
Ellen Singer- New York, NY

This was an amazing trip. The balance of walking, sightseeing, cultural activities was perfect. Interaction with local people was very special. It met all of my expectations.
Peggy A.- Philadelphia, PA

I have friends who can't believe I would just show up halfway around the world on my own to meet up with people I don't know for a trip in exotic places like Vietnam and Cambodia. I always tell them that I don't have any concerns because I know Backroads will not disappoint. The leaders will be where they say they will be and provide an amazing experience. It's the little things - like meeting with a village leader in his home to discuss life in the village, meeting a knowledgeable historian and having dinner in his home, getting inside the private home of a woman to see what a local home is like - that set these trips apart from the usual bus ride and photo op. I also know the other guests will be interesting and good travel companions. And I will have another experience of a lifetime.
Barbara Grewe- Bethesda, MD

From the second the trip began until the moment it finished, my experience was stellar.
Melissa Vuernick- New York, NY

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