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This trip was magical. Backroads continues to exceed my expectations. I understand how challenging it is to logistically satisfy a group of 18 people, and our leaders accomplished this seamlessly with smiles on their faces.
Toni Musorrafiti- Shrewsbury, NJ

The experiences on this trip - from fresh oysters and mussels the first day to fresh fish thrown out of the water and onto the grill the last day - lunches on the boat - fantastic times traveling on the boat - were absolutely fantastic and absolutely could not have been duplicated traveling alone. Trip was a 10++ in every way!!
Marcia Bates- New York, NY

The combination of hiking and cruising that Backroads offers is the best way to explore the rugged coastline of Croatia. The cultural experiences and the superb staff made this trip extraordinary!
Linda Pryde- West Port, CT

This was a wonderful trip!! The hiking trails offered challenges and spectacular views. This trip offered us an outstanding vacation in a part of the world that we may not have visited on our own. Each day offered a fresh look into the area through hiking and the trips on the boat. Our guides provided insight, knowledge and guidance which were invaluable.
Carol Burger- Dallas, TX

We totally enjoyed every minute of our trip from the leaders to the other guests. How else could one visit the beautiful Dalmatian Coast and get a flavor for the people and the area than with such an organized company. Thank you for providing us with a beautiful week in Croatia.
Carl Lehrkind- Bozeman, MT

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