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It is difficult to express to you how much we enjoyed this trip. My wife and I have traveled extensively, but we think we have finally found the company that best matches up with the way we like to travel. No more cruises, or other hiking companies for us. We are looking forward to our next Backroads vacation. This particular vacation in Peru was a perfect combination of cultural, physical and emotional experiences for us. The leaders we had are wonderful representatives of your company. They played an invaluable part in making this trip so complete. Many thanks to them for all their efforts. I wish I knew how to provide more superlatives for them. The local guides were extremely helpful and very outgoing. Peru is a beautiful, charming and friendly country.
Kevin O'Connor- Arden, NC

The trip was fabulous! As one who has done very little in the way of group travel, I must tell you that it surpassed my hopes and made me want more! Our leaders were extremely accommodating to our needs, and helped us achieve our individual and group goals. Having different levels of each activity really allowed each of us to do what we wanted to do. It would only have been better if we could have added more hours to each day, so that we could have had more time to enjoy each of the beautiful places we stayed.
Lisa Braun Glazer- Lutz, FL

Peru was a difficult place to create such an amazing journey! The flow, the content, the history, the activity were all exceptional. We could not have asked for a finer introduction to Backroads than being with folks who have travelled with you 15 times, 3 times, etc.!! A commentary on the excellence provided by the company and the leaders that are hired. Congratulations to you all. We loved our trip and will return.
Victoria Macrae- Toronto, Ontario

This was our honeymoon, and I cannot think of a better way to have spent it. The leaders were among the best I have ever encountered and they managed to enhance what would have, in itself, been a magnificent trip. From the educational aspects to the food to the hiking, everything was perfection! Thanks again, Backroads!
Linda Wilkerson- Minnetonka, MN

I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful, enriching, calming trip. I felt like I was really far away from home and was able to relax, mellow out, take some time to myself, learn about another place, READ, sleep, eat in peace, and all the things that I don't get to do at home. THANK YOU.
Margaret Seligson- Palo Alto, CA

This wasn't just a trip; it was a life experience.
Jodi Howell- Mississauga, ON

WOW! Telling everyone they need to go on this trip. The leaders were both excellent. The group was amazed that the leaders were able to keep everything together seamlessly to us all. The group was perfect; I want to see them all again. Food and lodging were first-class. The hiking and biking routes were truly "back roads." There was nothing I would change about the trip. Best part was finishing the Inca trail and seeing Machu Picchu from the Gate of the Sun.
Jack Nihem- Frisco, TX

The trip was fantastic - yet another fabulous Backroads experience. I really feel rested and relaxed - not an easy thing for a New Yorker! I love the feeling of being taken care of for a week - not having to worry about anything, knowing that Backroads has thought of everything I could ever want, in addition to a whole bunch of stuff I never would have thought of! I'm already planning my next trips.
Amy Ayres- New York, NY

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