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A fantastic trip. The group was great and everything worked beautifully. To hike into Rafiki, and then to trudge down through the mud to the river where rafting guides are waiting, and then to get off the river and onto planes which take you to an unpaved airstrip on the beach where you can literally see your bikes from the air, lined up and waiting - that is vacation nirvana. And arranging a soccer game with the local kids was genius. When we were flying home, my kids said "Dad, I really feel like I 'get' what Costa Rica is all about from this trip." What could be better?
Mitch Evall- Beverly Hills, CA

It was really a fantastic trip for so many reasons. The people were fantastic. I loved how well organized the organization is in terms of trip planning and taking care of luggage and even daypacks. It was a real treat to really only have to think about what to wear that day. I loved all of the activities and what a great mix of activity and relaxation! Keeping busy by day and being at the pool by 4 or 5 for Happy Hour and dinner...! It almost made it all go by too fast. Backroads is definitely a quality organization and it is very impressive how many repeat vacationers there are - with good reason.
Alice Wilder- New York, NY

This trip was amazing! We especially loved the attention to detail, the outstanding service and fantastic itinerary!
Helen Gray- Seattle, WA

Another outstanding Backroads experience - flawlessly executed by your amazing leaders. You guys pack more into five or six days without ever making guests feel rushed - including cultural contacts with the locals that would be impossible to arrange on one's own.
Victor Lerch- Raleigh, NC

It was great for our family! Wonderful guides, great staff everywhere, good fellow travelers, really lovely. Thank you!
Joan Blades- Berkeley, CA

For a family of 22 individuals with ages spanning from 10 to 77, I can't believe EVERYONE had such a great time. So much so, that Grandpa has already okayed the planning for another family trip with Backroads for Christmas 2008. To put together a family trip like this where we have 3 generations and different levels of fitness and expectations and have everyone happy at the end of it is - well, it just blows my mind. I can't thank everyone at Backroads enough.
Margaret Shouvlin- Old Greenwich, CT

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