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Fantastic, awesome, can't wait to do it again!!! More than met my expectations!! You guys are off the charts. Won't go any other way. Worth every penny!!!
Hilda Baeza- Holtsville, NY

This trip fulfilled all my hopes, and confirmed NONE of my fears for the trip. My hope was to experience new activities, to discover new abilities in myself, and to push myself physically. I got chances to do all of that. My fear was that the trip leaders would be too demanding in terms of requiring everyone to do tons of activities and to "enjoy" tough things like biking in the rain. I was also afraid everyone on the trip would be more active than me, and more gung ho about hiking or biking in the cold or rain. None of this happened. I absolutely loved the trip.
Mark Kressel- Las Vegas, NV

We had a great time again with Backroads! The spectacular beauty of the Canyons speaks forĀ itself and you help make it a fantastic experience. The leaders you provide are so well suited to their roles - making it a certainty that everyone in the family has a great time full of memories. I'd love to know your secrets for hiring great people to use in my business!
Mark Lerch- Allendale, NJ

My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves; great overall experience. Our leaders were absolutely fantastic: upbeat (even at 7 am), always with a smile on their faces and always willing to accommodate any guest's requests. The vacation was all we could have asked for; we will certainly travel with you again.
Joe Baem- Martinez, CA

Way better than I could have dreamed!!! The very best week of my life, and so happy we did this with our son who is leaving for college in August. We loved our guides and our time together, and meeting new friends. AWESOME AND WONDERFUL!!!
Debbie Urban- Melbourne, FL

I couldn't have been more pleased with Backroads. I want to say that by the time the week was over, we went from total strangers to great friends with all of the other group members. In retrospect, there are many aspects of enrichment to be expected and cultivated on a trip like this. There is the inherent, awe-inspiring beauty of the area you are visiting; the thoughtful way in which Backroads has anticipated and accommodated our wants and needs - really beyond my expectations; the rich qualities of skills and congeniality of the leaders; and the development of relationships with the other group members as the week progresses. I'm left wanting more.
Rick Minnich- Virginia Beach, VA

I came home exhilarated by the experience! The hiking and biking was great! The leaders were fantastic. The level of service and attention to guests' needs was the best. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I'll be doing trips with Backroads in the future!
Karen Chikosky- Hermitage, PA

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