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I've taken several Backroads trips, but this would have to be my favorite (so far). A fascinating region of the world, full of the unexpected. I can't imagine that anyone with a bit of curiosity and a sense of adventure wouldn't enjoy this trip.
Robert Marshall- Tuscaloosa, AL

A really outstanding trip on many levels - mentally challenging biking, extraordinary cultural and culinary experiences, and the fascinating exploration of an emerging nation.
Marcia Klipsch- Madison, WI

Our leaders were superb - attentive, knowledgeable, helpful at all times, positive and fun. The local support was excellent too. We felt cared for all the time. Thanks for the superb routes, accommodations, food, and all the extras. Backroads, you did it again!
Wendy Carter- N. Vancouver, BC

The trip was extremely well designed to cover a lot of territory in a short period of time. It was well balanced, providing us with a great introduction to the Vietnamese landscape and culture. The accommodations and food were truly amazing. Overall, it was a wonderful trip that I will highly recommend to my friends.
Melina Buckley- Vancouver, BC

When word spreads, I'm sure you'll experience a stampede to get on this trip for cultural, historical, local flavor, culinary, spa and hotel accommodation, interaction with locals, seeing what a real "Backroads" experience is about, not having to worry about immigration and check-in service, and every other reason I can think of that attracts Backroads participants in the first place. This is what the Cambodian and Vietnamese biking adventure was about. I've had some great Backroads adventures, but, having experienced this, even for those who are less than the Backroads-type aficionados, I couldn't imagine and can't imagine anyone else who brings an "adventurous" mindset to their travels enjoying a trip more. Thank you!!!!
Jane Miller- Santiago, Chile

I have been referring to the experience as "the trip of a lifetime" and it truly was! Having lived in both Sri Lanka and China I didn't really think it was possible to have an "authentic" experience in a country in just ten days on a group tour, but Backroads proved me wrong. Biking in small groups and sometimes on my own down remote country roads afforded me the ability to interact, see the people, and experience their country in a way that I believe is difficult for tourists on a short visit.
Leslie Burlock- San Francisco, CA

It was wonderful! Everyone went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our safety, happiness, and well-being!! Food was delicious, accommodations superb, and the trip was fantastic!!
Virginia Talieh- Saratoga, CA

The trip was amazing from start to finish. Everything exceeded my expectations, from the leaders' efficient, confident handling of all arrangements, to the superb food and magnificent accommodations. I have not one complaint!
Jody Brockway- Venice, CA

The trip was so wonderfully planned I really got a feel for the history, culture and the people of Vietnam and Cambodia.
Sherrie Gleed

The support from the local guides was incredible. It was nice to hear how much they like working with Backroads because they feel that Backroads makes an effort to work together with the locals and local environment. I like knowing I am traveling with a company with those goals.
Theresa Crocker- Freedom, CA

Backroads never fails to satisfy my curiosity and sense of adventure. The trip leaders always seem to surpass expectations. This latest trip was no exception! This was my sixth Backroads trip over the past 25 years. I've never been disappointed... It is my preferred way to see new countries and new cultures, and there's truly something for everyone in each trip. The quality of your guides and trip leaders continues to improve to even greater excellence. I wish all businesses were run with this kind of customer-service attention, and basic knowledge (both programs and operations) at such a high caliber. Tom Hale and his team are geniuses!
Suzette Rivera- Sierra Madre, CA

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