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I can't stop dreaming about the trip, which speaks volumes about how great the experience was!
Robert Gibney- New Canaan, CT

This was one of the absolute best trips I have ever experienced. Everything was exceptional, from the trip leaders to the itinerary to the stunning biking to the wonderful food and accommodations. The trip leaders set a tone and created an atmosphere in which we were able to bond as a group and create what I hope and expect will be lasting friendships. Put simply, the week exceeded all of my expectations.
Steven Derringer- Chicago, IL

This was far and away the best trip we have exceeded all of our expectations. The trip was easy...all we had to do was wake up in the morning and the only real decision we had to make was what wine to drink with dinner. The various options were great for different days. When the meals and hotels are factored in, Backroads is a great value. The little things - such as covering the beers at the beach bar - were also appreciated.
Eric Adelman- Ann Arbor, MI

The leaders were great, the scenery was great, the accommodations were great, the biking was great, the weather was great! It will be hard for you guys to beat this one!!
Cheryl Moulthrop- Arlington, VA

This was a terrific trip. The areas that we visited were far more interesting and scenic than I anticipated. The accommodations were all special, striking architecture with soaring spaces, evoking the past and, in some, defining the future. Both our leaders were among the best we have ever had. They were knowledgeable, helpful, patient, solved every problem, big or small, and best of all, they were great fun to be with.
Harvey Strauss- Chicago, IL

The places you pick to stay are amazing. The trails we rode on were beautiful. The food was amazing, the side trips so well thought-out. I can't say enough good things about Backroads. You thought of everything even before I was aware I needed it! So pleased to have been a part of it.
Deborah Bainer- Laguna Beach, CA

This was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Beautiful country and the people were so warm and friendly. The places we went gave a real genuine sense and feel for the culture and lifestyle of this unique area of the world. The leaders were all extremely talented, capable, and always ready to deal with any unexpected issues that came up. Just a great experience.
Charles Gay- New Orleans, LA

I can't say enough about Backroads from trip planning until the end (which is always a sad day for us). You want for NOTHING on a Backroads trip.
Geralyn McCourt- Charlotte, NC

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