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Your staff on the trip was terrific and the routes selected provided some of the most beautiful vistas I have ever experienced.
Jeff Foran- Belvedere, CA

We would never have experienced the behind-the-scenes culture in the same manner nor learned as much about the fascinating history of this part of the world. We received great suggestions and direction for non-group-sponsored activities during and after the week. I believe the guides were as much a reason for this as anything, which is indirectly a reflection of Backroads as a company and my feeling is that there are probably very few other organizations which could provide as satisfying of an experience for us.
Paul Kelly

This trip exceeded my expectations in many respects: the organization and leadership, the compatibility of the riders, the "Croatian" experience. It was the experience of a lifetime.
Tom Simon- Hastings on Hudson, NY

I had high expectations going into this trip, so I was prepared to be a little underwhelmed. In fact, the opposite was true. It far exceeded my expectations. Everything was so well organized, having the chartered boat was a big surprise, and the islands were incredibly beautiful. It was just incredibly fun. I hesitate to say this, but I think it was the best vacation we have ever gone on.
Tom Bennett- Salt Lake City, UT

This was my first Backroads trip and it did not disappoint! Thanks for a fabulous vacation in magical Croatia. Great itinerary...loved the opportunity to experience the country with personal touches from the locals, amazing scenery and epic bike rides. I am sad to be back home :(
Deborah Golden- Littleton, CO

Croatia is a fabulous place. The cycling was beautiful. Our yacht was incredibly luxurious and comfortable and a real treat. It's a great idea to cycle and sail on the same day. The leaders were top-notch and lots of fun. We had a great time.
Farah Champsi- San Francisco, CA

This was one of the best trips if not the best I have ever taken. Croatia was so beautiful and the routes were great.
Catherine Santee- Lone Tree, CO

As soon as we arrived and viewed the incredible landscape we knew we would be traveling through the pages of National Geographic, everyday. The countryside holds outstanding beauty and you can hear the rhythm of the land. Spectacular villages, old-world seaport towns, and fantastic views, warm people.
Luana Neducsin- Philadelphia, PA

It exceeded my expectations... The leaders, hotels, restaurants/food, yacht elements (and captain) vistas and daily schedules were all extraordinary. I have been raving about it to everyone who will listen.
Barbara Abseck- New York, NY

I have done a number of minimally supported (reservations, luggage transfer, and maps/directions) trips in the past, but this was my first fully supported trip. I do not know how it could be made better - it was that good.
Jeff Hosken- London, England

Just awesome - I was so struck by the views - so breathtaking, unreal. The boat added so much to the trip. I love the water and having the boat was just great and really made the trip for me - and the swim stops we made. Nice weather, super crew and great views!
Morris Sutton- Oakhurst, NJ

Even though this was one of the most challenging trips we have taken with you, we loved it! The leaders were the best, the scenery was spectacular and we liked how the trip was set up with the boat and biking.
Jill Warner- Edwards, CO

We spent a month in Croatia including the Backroads trip and a trip of Istria with one of your competitors. Your trip was superior. The logistics of your trip were quite challenging and the three guides really made it seamless. The bike routes were very enjoyable and had minimal traffic. The boat was excellent and the crew on the boat was very accommodating.
Malcolm McDonald- Boston, MA

This turned out to be one of my best trips! I was worried about the hills, but the van support was great, and I handled the hills much better than I expected. This trip exemplifies why I am a huge Backroads fan.
Nancy Streim- Merion Station, PA

This was a trip of a lifetime! Backroads made everything so easy and we loved every minute.
Gunnar Knapp- Anchorage, AK

This was an amazing trip for all of my family. There was a warm connection between the trip leaders and the 21 people on our trip from the get-go. We had a blast with everyone! The Dalmatian Coast is glorious. The food was healthy and refreshing. The leaders were so kind and made all the transitions seem effortless. There were a lot of logistical moves to get from island to island and back and the leaders just smiled through all of them and they worked very hard. We were relaxing and enjoying the ride, be it on cycles or boats!!
Joan Gluck- New Hope, PA

We had a fantastic group, great guides and most importantly did and saw things that I could not have done by myself. The special access that Backroads opened into local homes, communities, restaurants made it a great value in my book.
Rebecca Scotti Rabinor- Laredo, TX

We love Backroads! You guys have this bike trip thing perfected... We celebrated our 25th anniversary on this trip and could not have had a better time.
Heather Weir- Hillsborough, CA

Trip of a lifetime! Experiencing Croatia on a bicycle along with a diverse and interesting group of people far exceeded what I was anticipating. This was our third Backroads trip with the first two being over 20 years ago. We experienced the same enthusiasm from Backroads and the leaders today as back then. Backroads does it right! Every aspect seems well thought-out - the hotels, meals, bicycle routes, events put on by the locals specifically for us (wine tasting, lunches, dinners, the "lavender lady", the "olive oil lady"), snacks, wines...the list goes on and on! This trip will go down in our memory books as first-rate in all aspects!!
Linda Biaggi- Minden, NV

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