Backroads Flexible Cancellation Plan

We want to make sure you have all the information you need about our Flexible Cancellation Plan – what it is, how it works and when it counts. Not finding what you’re looking for? We’re here to help! Contact us.

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What is the benefit of adding the Flexible Cancellation Plan? 

A comprehensive Travel Protection Plan (TPP) covers you in cases of illness, injury and so much more. But even the best traditional travel insurance may not cover everything that comes up in your life, whether that’s an unexpected change to school schedules or trial dates, a pending job offer or anything in between. The Backroads Flexible Cancellation Plan (FCP) is offered as an enhancement to the Arch RoamRight TPP, giving you the ability to recover up to 75% of your Backroads trip cost1 as future trip savings2 in the event you need to cancel your trip for any reason up to 48 hours prior to your trip’s start date.


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What is and is not covered by the Flexible Cancellation Plan?

If your reason for canceling after Final Payment is not part of the TPP inclusions and is denied by Arch RoamRight through their claims process, the Backroads FCP is there to help when unexpected situations arise. Just like the Arch RoamRight TPP, this plan applies to your Backroads trip cost1. The Backroads FCP does not cover the cost of the TPP or FCP, any activities/excursions not offered by Backroads or any travel arrangements not made by Backroads, including flights to/from trip start and end locations, pre- or post-trip hotel nights, rental car fees, train or ferry tickets, etc. 


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How much does the Flexible Cancellation Plan cost?

The Backroads FCP costs $250 per guest. Please note that this is additional to the per guest cost of the Arch RoamRight TPP. The FCP is only available to guests who have purchased the Arch RoamRight plan.

Residents of New York, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri or Quebec

In adherence to industry regulations, residents of these states/provinces are not required to purchase the Arch RoamRight TPP to purchase the Backroads FCP. See alternate per person pricing options below:

New York & Hawaii

  • Option 1 (pp): 4% of Backroads Trip Cost + Flexible Cancellation Plan Cost
  • Option 2 (pp): Purchase the Arch RoamRight NY/HI Plan directly from Arch RoamRight here + Flexible Cancellation Plan Cost*

*Proof of Arch RoamRight NY/HI Plan purchase with policy number is required. 

Minnesota & Missouri

  • Option 1 (pp): 4% of Backroads Trip Cost + Flexible Cancellation Plan Cost
  • Option 2 (pp): Purchase Arch RoamRight Plan through Backroads + Flexible Cancellation Plan Cost


  • Only Option (pp): 4% of Backroads Trip Cost + Flexible Cancellation Plan Cost 

We highly recommend guests from New York, Hawaii, Minnesota and Missouri select Option 2 which provides insurance coverage in addition to the Backroads FCP for the following reasons:

  1. The Backroads FCP expires 48 hours prior to the trip’s start date whereas Arch RoamRight’s TPP coverage extends until the trip’s conclusion. Please see here for more information on the benefits of an insurance protection plan.  
  2. In the event your reason for cancellation is covered by Arch RoamRight’s TPP insurance plan, you may be eligible to receive cash reimbursement that could amount to the full cost of your trip, or more. The Backroads FCP only offers savings towards a future Backroads trip up to 75% of the trip cost; trip savings are not redeemable for cash value and are not insurable on your next trip.  

If you select Option 1 and need to cancel your reservation, give us a call and we’ll start processing your future trip savings. If you’re calling outside of our business hours, you can instead send a time-stamped email to or via our website


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When do I need to decide whether or not I want to add the Flexible Cancellation Plan, and is it refundable?

We appreciate that not everyone knows right away whether they want to protect their travel investment, which is why we offer the option of adding the Arch RoamRight TPP and the Backroads FCP up to 21 days from the date of deposit or first trip payment (provided the reservation is made more than 10 days prior to the trip’s start date). You’ll have two weeks to change your mind and get a refund for the cost of the FCP if you decide you’re satisfied with traditional coverage. Want to switch to a different trip? Give us a call before Final Payment and we’ll help get you booked on a new Backroads itinerary and – for same-day rebookings – transfer the full costs of both plans to your new reservation.


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How can I engage my Flexible Cancellation Plan benefit?  

The Backroads FCP is easy to engage and depends on only three criteria:  

  1. You’re canceling after Final Payment*
  2. You call or email us to cancel at least 48 hours before your Backroads trip starts (in the trip destination’s time zone)  
  3. The claim you submitted to Arch RoamRight has been denied. Start your Arch RoamRight Travel Protection Plan claim here.

If you’re calling outside of our business hours, you can send a time-stamped email to or via our website. As soon as you have confirmation of your Arch RoamRight claims denial, we’ll start processing your future trip savings.

*If you’re canceling after Final Payment but before the 100% cancellation penalty window, you’ll be able to choose between standard cancellation fees and engaging your Backroads FCP, as one may offer greater value than the other based on the timing. Learn more here


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Why do I have to file a claim with Arch RoamRight before engaging the Flexible Cancellation Plan?

Arch RoamRight’s TPP offers comprehensive coverage and cash reimbursement that could amount to the full cost of your trip, or more, so it’s necessary (and in your best interest) that they determine whether or not your reason for canceling is covered via their claims process.


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What is the process for submitting my FCP Claim? 

If you purchased the Backroads Flexible Cancellation Plan (FCP) in conjunction with the Arch RoamRight Travel Protection Plan (TPP):

  1. Your reservation will be canceled and penalties applied according to the date of cancellation as outlined here. (Important: the insurance company requires an accurate cancellation invoice to process a claim.) Regardless of the cancellation penalty amount, Backroads will hold all funds on file during the Arch RoamRight claims process.  
  2. Submit your claim to Arch RoamRight here with the cancellation invoice and any other required/requested documentation. Claims related to TPP cannot be submitted to Backroads.
  3. Once the claim has been processed (paid or denied), provide Backroads with the resolution details.  

If the claim has been covered by Arch RoamRight, you will be paid cash reimbursement by Arch RoamRight and the Backroads FCP is void. If any remaining funds eligible for refund are being held by Backroads, they will refunded.  

If the claim is denied by Arch RoamRight, a future trip savings2 in the amount of 75% of your Backroads trip cost1 will be added to your account.


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  1. Backroads Trip Cost: Includes trip cost only (less any discounts/savings), and if applicable, single supplements, additional rooming fees, tourist taxes and internal air. Does not include the cost of the Arch RoamRight TPP or the Backroads FCP plans.
  2. Future Trip Savings: Method of credit for savings on Backroads Trip Cost redeemed via the Backroads FCP. These savings can be used toward any Backroads trip booked and traveled on within 2 years of the date of Arch RoamRight’s claims denial. Savings are not redeemable for cash value and are not insurable. If you apply the converted savings to a new trip, and then cancel that trip, the value is forfeited.