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    Top 10 New on the Travel Scene

Have you traveled extensively and are looking for something new? Then these Top Ten "New on the Travel Scene" Backroads trips are for you! Each has something for everyone—history, natural beauty, culinary specialties and unforgettable memories to be made. While some countries on this list may be no stranger to travelers, Backroads has crafted an "off the beaten path" journey that will allow you to discover these regions in new, fresh and authentic ways. So come experience the magic and be at the forefront of the travel world.

Myanmar Bike Tour


Ever dream of seeing a place with the eyes of an ancient explorer, coming to a land inhabited by over 100 ethnic groups yet virtually untouched by tourism and outside influences? Then come to Myanmar! Only recently has tourism started to flourish here, drawn by quaint villages, pagodas, temples, parks, and markets. And if taking it all in on the ground level just isn't enough, get a breathtaking aerial view in a hot air balloon!

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Iceland Tours


There's truly no place on Earth like Iceland. Majestic Northern Lights dancing across the evening skies, hundreds of awe inspiring glaciers and volcanoes dotting the landscape, and the occasional puffin, whale, bird, or elf sighting. Yes, elves. Iceland only recently appointed their first Minister of Tourism, which is a sign that the secret is out, but this magical place still feels refreshingly genuine and original. Now is the time!

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Croatia Multi-Adventure Tour

Germany & Austria

Have you ever dreamed of a storybook vacation? One of castles and rolling lush greenery filled with wildflowers? How about making it a modern day fairytale that includes beer gardens and Michelin star restaurants? Look no further, you've found your "Once upon a time." Germany and Austria were once regarded as places for festivals and lederhosen, but that perception has rightfully changed as there is so much to see in regards to history and jaw-dropping natural beauty.

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Croatia Tours


With former Yugoslavia history and new Game of Thrones claim to fame, Croatia is finally getting noticed for the gem it is. With plenty of Mediterranean sunshine, the brilliantly blue and inviting water, eight national parks and numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, it's a hard place to resist! Backroads will have you island hopping by private boat—biking, hiking, swimming and kayaking—enjoying the freshest seafood and sipping nightly glasses of wine, which has a history in Croatia from 2200 BCE! Sound like paradise? It sure does to us.

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Portugal's Douro River Tours

Portugal's Douro River

It was wine that put the Douro Valley on the map over 2000 years ago, but viticulture is only part of the reason this beautiful region is on so many travel bucket lists these days. The Douro is a must for those who want to enliven all their senses in a truly rich and beautiful landscape, from the fragrances of the eucalyptus and rosemary to the tastes of the oranges and apples straight from the trees. Flowing through both Spain and Portugal, the Douro has somehow remained one of the lesser-known of the great European Rivers. But that's quickly changing, so now is the time!

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Cuba Tours


Retro cars, the 1,2,3 rhythm of salsa, centuries old tobacco fields, white-sand beaches, engaging conversations with locals... these, as well as the fact that Backroads is the only active travel company offering biking tours in Cuba, are all reasons to come experience Cuba—Backroads style! Budding new local businesses are making Cuba ever more enjoyable for travelers, offering products made by local artisans and easier accessibility to take part in this fascinating history and Caribbean way of life that will bring you back to the 1950's.

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Bermuda Biking Tours


When you think of vacation, does your mind go to relaxing on pink-sand beaches, snorkeling in turquoise waters, sipping piña coladas and eating the freshest of seafood? Well, luckily with the America's Cup race and new beautiful hotels, Bermuda is now more than ever on people's radar. And it doesn't hurt that Bermuda is truly a leisure biker's paradise, with famous paved bike trails like the Bermuda "Railway Trail" that make this tropical island especially attractive for those looking to travel actively.

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Banff to Jasper Multi-Adventure Tours


With world famous trams, culinary delights, a Willy Wonka-esque elevator, and stunning hilltop views, one could spend weeks just exploring Lisbon, Europe's sunniest capital. But Portugal's countrysides and mountains are too enticing to miss! Exploring Portugal is like traveling through a taste of the Mediterranean- olive groves, wineries, Moorish castles, and colorful mosaic villages, accentuated with soul-moving music, hip new foodie scene, and ancient history... What more could one want?

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Norway Walking Tours


Norway has long been a draw for travelers but a budding startup and tech scene has put this picturesque country even more in the public eye in recent years. And it doesn't hurt that Norway's natural beauty leaves visitors truly breathless when immersed among the lush greenery, majestic glaciers and breathtaking fjords. To experience Norway with Backroads means seeing this beautiful country in completely new and original ways, from Viking burial grounds to ice climbing to exploring the narrowest fjord in all of Europe.

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Camino de Santiago Walking Tours

Camino de Santiago

"We always know which is the best road to follow, but we follow only the road that we have become accustomed to." Paulo Coelho writes this in The Pilgrimage, his recollection on the Camino de Santiago. Although the earliest record of this pilgrimage is in the 9th century, it has resurfaced in a big way to the modern travel scene. Why? Because travelers experience alluring and beautiful areas of both Portugal and Spain, engage with other "pilgrims" traversing this ancient route, connect to a rich cultural history and get lost in the gold-sand beaches, charming hidden villages, memorable vistas and one's own deep thoughts. Ready to come follow ‘the best road'?

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