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Biking Q&A: Cycling Terms: A Layperson’s Dictionary

If you’re serious about getting into the bicycling world, then you better brush up on your cycling terms. Here’s a good start to get you talking the talk!

Biking Q&A: Why Are Cycling Shorts Black?

Ever wondered why cycling shorts are often black? Learn the rationale behind black biking shorts and why they have a place in nearly every cyclist’s kit.

Biking Q&A: What’s the Origin of Cycling?

Over a billion people today enjoy cycling for recreation, transport, tourism and sport, but are you curious about the origin of cycling? Read on to learn more!

Biking Q&A: A Brief History of Road Cycling

From velocipedes to carbon fiber racers, dive into this history of cycling for a look at how bikes (and biking culture) have changed through the years.

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