Private Trip Terms & Conditions 


Private Trip Overview

The following terms are supplemental to Backroads Standard Terms & Conditions.  

Make it yours! Private Trips with Backroads are immersive and active adventures hosted just for you and your family and friends. We make it easy with our same great itineraries and on-trip support with pricing for different group sizes. As a bonus, we reward our Private Trip Organizers when 12+ travelers sign up for their adventure. If you don’t see an available date that works for you, we may be able to create a new one just for you and your group.  

Below are important details of our reservation and payment policies. For additional questions, please call our experienced Guest Services team at 800-462-2848. 


Taking Over a Scheduled Trip for a Private Group

Place a Courtesy Hold

7-day courtesy hold (no payment due)

If no trip deposit is received within 7 calendar days, the date will automatically reopen to the public.

Book Your Trip

$1,000 (per guest deposit)

Once the Private Trip Organizer puts down their $1,000 deposit, the group has 21 days to pay their per person deposits to fully reserve their date. All deposits are refundable for 21 calendar days and transferable until final payment.

Submit Final Payment

Due 185 calendar days prior to departure (all guests)

Price per person is determined based on number of guests booked at time of Final Payment. Price breakdown is included on invoice attached to confirmation email.

Private Trip Organizer Savings

Applicable savings will be added to the Private Trip Organizer’s reservation at final payment (185 days prior to departure). Should the group size increase between 185 and 95 days prior to departure, savings will be adjusted and refunded accordingly at 95 days prior to departure.

Adding Guests After Final Payment

Guests may be added after Final Payment subject to hotel availability and trip price per person will be adjusted until 95 calendar days prior to trip departure.

Private Trips Booked within Final Payment

Full trip price is due at the time of booking based on number of expected guests. All guests must book within 7 calendar days of the Private Trip Organizer subject to hotel availability and cancellation terms. Price breakdown is included on invoice attached to confirmation email.


Creating a New Departure Date (Non-Scheduled) for a Private Group

Request the Date

After the Private Trip Organizer submits up to two preferred dates, Backroads will verify if either requested date is viable based on hotel and vendor availability.

Hold the Trip

$1,000 (Private Trip Organizer deposit)

The Private Trip Organizer submits a deposit to hold one of their desired dates. Backroads will verify the remaining accommodations and activities for the departure.

Confirm the Date

If Backroads can confirm all details for the Private Trip date, the $1,000 deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. If Backroads is unable to confirm either of the requested dates, the $1,000 per person deposit will be fully refunded.

All "Taking Over a Scheduled Trip" Terms & Conditions also apply (see above for more detail).


Private Trip Cancellation Policies 

If a guest must cancel their spot on a Private Trip within 185 days of the departure date (after Final Payment has been made), and that space cannot be filled by a new group member, the cancellation fees detailed below will apply to the original guest.  

Cancellation Fees (% of trip price, per person)
186+ calendar days $1,000
96-185 calendar days 50%
0-95 calendar days 100%

For groups booked on a regularly scheduled departure that then convert their date to a Private Trip with deposits, standard cancellation terms and fees for our non-private departures apply for 21 calendar days.


Private Trip Organizer Savings

We are excited to offer trip savings (see below) to Private Trip Organizers 185 days prior to departure.

Organizer's Trip Price Savings for Takeovers of Scheduled Departures*
12+ Guests 25% Savings
16+ Guests 50% Savings
20+ Guests 75% Savings
24+ Guests 100% Savings

*Savings are only applicable to takeovers of scheduled trips and apply only to the Private Trip Organizer’s individual trip price.


Still have more questions about Private Trips? Check out our FAQs.