Private Trip FAQs

What’s not to love about a Private Trip?

A Private Trip is a takeover of a Scheduled trip, hosted exclusively for you and your chosen group of fellow travelers. Our thoughtfully designed itineraries highlight the very best of the region, and our expert Trip Leaders give you the flexibility and support to make each day your own. There’s nothing better than exploring the world at your own pace with the people you love the most!  


What’s the role of a Private Trip Organizer?

We like to think of the Private Trip Organizer as the team captain. They generate excitement for the trip and recruit guests to join. They also act as the main point of contact for their group, keeping guests up to date about reservation details. Confirm your group early on and proactively communicate throughout the booking process, and we'll handle the rest!


Are there any benefits to being the Private Trip Organizer?  

Yes! Private Trip Organizers who take over an existing trip date are rewarded with exclusive savings for bringing their group together. The more guests, the bigger the rewards, starting at 12 guests. Savings will be applied to the Private Trip Organizer’s individual trip price. For more details, visit our Private Trip Terms & Conditions.  


How do I reserve a Private Trip?

Reserving a Private Trip is easy!

  • Gather your group and choose your trip. Use our Private Trip Finder to find a trip and date that works best for your group.
  • At, navigate to your desired trip page and click the "Request This Date" button to send your request. You’ll hear from one of our experienced Trip Consultants within 48 hours.
  • Reserve your date with a $1,000 deposit.
  • Invite your guests to sign up (we’ll send you a sign-up link unique to your trip).
  • Guests will have 14 days to confirm their space with a trip deposit ($1,000 per person).
  • You’re ready to travel! Final Payment will be due 185 days before your departure. Additional payment and cancellation details can be found in our Private Trip Terms & Conditions.


How do I encourage my friends and family to book?  

In our experience, the most successful Private Trip Organizers cast a wider net than their intended group size and lock in a core group of travelers early on. The core group should be those who are committed to the trip and may also help to recruit others to join too.


What is the best size group for a Private Trip?

We have Private Trip groups of all sizes, but in most cases groups of 16-20 people receive the best pricing. 


Can my group make changes to our Private Trip itinerary?

Generally, we don’t adjust our carefully planned itineraries. Why? Our 40+ years of hard work and expertise go into executing every detail of your Private Trip. Changing things often doesn’t lead to a better-quality experience, and even a seemingly minor adjustment takes considerable effort and results in a much higher trip price.  


Will I have a dedicated point of contact at Backroads when planning my Private Trip?  

Yes, during the initial planning stages, you’ll be paired with one of our knowledgeable Trip Consultants. Once you’ve booked your trip, we’ll transition you from your Trip Consultant to a dedicated Guest Services Team that expertly handles Private Trips and will be available to assist you throughout the planning process. 


What if no available Private Trip dates work for my group? 

We recommend beginning the planning process early for the greatest selection of dates for your group (a year out isn’t too early!). If you can’t find a date that works, we may be able to make a new date just for you with one of our existing itineraries, but it usually comes with a higher per-person price. 


How much does it cost to go on a Private Trip?  

The price per person varies based on where you go, how many people join your group and what time of year you travel. We offer select youth discounts on trips designated for Families with Teens & Kids or for Families with Older Teens & 20s.

While there’s no group size minimum to book a Private Trip, the more guests who join the trip, the lower the per person price will be. In general, we recommend groups of 16+. Initial per-person price estimates will be based on the number of expected guests. If your group size falls below the expected guest count, your final per person price will be adjusted at Final Payment based on the pricing outlined on your invoice (185 days before departure). We’ll continue to honor lower trip prices as your guest count grows (based on hotel availability) until 95 days prior to departure.  

For more details, please refer to our Private Trip Terms & Conditions


What do I do if guests on my Private Trip don’t submit their deposits within the required 14 days? 

When you take over a scheduled date for your private group, we hold it just for you, closing it off to the public. We work years in advance with our hotels and vendors to secure the most popular dates and itineraries. For this reason, we require guests to submit their trip deposits within 14 days of the initial hold. We’re here to help as needed as you work to solidify your group reservation.  

Hard time gathering your group?  So that you can plan your vacation with complete ease of mind, Backroads offers you multiple options at the end of your 14-day hold. You have the flexibility to choose from any of the following:  

  • Go public: Stay on your booked trip date and we’ll reopen it to other Backroads guests to join you.  
  • Remain private: Keep your trip private by paying the outstanding guest deposit amounts (we’ll refund the Private Trip Organizer if and when new guests book).  
    • Example: If your trip is two guests short of the expected guest count, the Private Trip Organizer can pay the deposit for those two spots ($1,000 x 2 people) to keep their trip private. If one additional guest books after the 14-day window, the Private Trip Organizer will be refunded the $1,000 deposit.  
  • Cancel the trip: See Private Trip Terms & Conditions for additional details.  


What if I need to cancel my Private Trip?  

If you need to cancel your Private Trip at any point, please refer to our Private Trip Terms & Conditions for our cancellation policies. If a single member of your group drops out, you are welcome to invite another guest to take their place at no additional charge. We are here to help you if your group size changes. Although your core group locks in at 14 days, you can continue filling out your trip up to 95 days before departure. We offer this level of flexibility so that unforeseen circumstances do not prevent your group from missing out on your adventure.