Backroads Photo Contest Tips & Specs

IMPORTANT: Please submit your photo files (preferably in .jpg format) in the highest resolution possible.

Consider the following points when submitting photos:

  • Great photos tell a story. Rather than pose for the camera, try to capture a candid moment or snapshot of the Backroads Experience. The fun, the beauty, the adventure, the camaraderie. Does your picture tell a story? If so, we'll love it.
  • We love activity shots! Biking, hiking, walking, sailing, kayaking, rafting - people in motion, caught in the act of doing what makes Backroads trips so dynamic.
  • We think the social aspect of Backroads trips is a major reason people love our trips so much. We love photos of Trip Leaders and guests interacting and socializing with each other, as well as with the locals and the cultural connections along the way.
  • We love photos of our awesome Trip Leaders in action—setting up an incredible picnic, delivering the morning route rap, tuning up the bikes, and generally being the amazing people they are.
  • We love beautiful scenic shots too! But since every one of our trips is in a beautiful part of the world, it can be hard to make your scenic shot really stand out. Look for when the lighting is just right, early in the morning or just before sunset.
  • Be creative! Send us whatever proves your Backroads trip was the trip of a lifetime.

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