We think our leaders are unparalleled at what they do—you be the judge.

Why isn't it included like the other gratuities?

All gratuities are included in the trip price except for your Backroads Trip Leaders, which are always at your discretion. While we've thought about including a Trip Leader tip as part of the overall trip cost, gratuities are often customary as a way to recognize excellent service on a more personal level, and we’ve heard from our guests that they welcome this opportunity at the conclusion of the trip.

Our Recommendation

We offer Trip Leader tip recommendations (in US dollars) because our guests have consistently asked for guidance on industry standards. Please see your Travel Planner for the per guest recommended leader gratuity for your trip.

The dollar amount listed is suggested as a total tip per guest (including kids) and will be shared among your leader team. Regardless of the number of leaders on your trip, you can leave your tip with any one of them.

How do I tip my leaders?

While cash gratuities in US dollars or euros are always welcome, PayPal is also an available international option (Venmo is currently only available in the US, as are personal checks). At the beginning of the trip you'll receive a contact list with your leaders' email addresses, which also serve as their PayPal IDs.

Please note that if you’re on an international trip and intend to use PayPal, your account must be set up prior to departing the US.