Your Trip Consultant has noted that you will be riding an e-bike. Making sure you’re on the right bike is key to enjoying your trip, so please consider the following and, as always, feel free to contact one of our experienced Trip Consultants if you have more questions.

What Is an E-bike?

Backroads e-bikes feature a custom titanium frame designed around a top-of-the-line Bosch assist system. We use titanium because it delivers the ideal combination of light weight, responsiveness and comfort. We call it “The Equalizer” because it helps you climb hills, extend your miles and magically makes your ride even more fun.

How Does It Work?

When turned on, the motor assists your pedaling and provides extra power. The experience is entirely different from riding a moped, scooter or motorbike. With a Backroads e-bike, the system measures the rider’s output and delivers proportional assistance, complementing rather than replacing human power. There are four power levels that enable you to change the motor assistance based on your needs or the road conditions. You can pedal normally while using the motor to get a push up hills and through headwinds. Please note, e-bikes operate electronically (obviously!) and thus are more susceptible to malfunction than ordinary bikes. Your Trip Leaders are trained to troubleshoot the most common problems, and e-bike technology is rapidly becoming more reliable. In the unlikely event of an irreparable malfunction, your leaders will arrange for a replacement. If no replacement is available, a Backroads Touring bike will be provided for use.

Getting on the Right Bike

It’s important to understand that to get the most out of your ride on a Backroads e-bike, you still need to be comfortable on a bike and you still need to pedal! Backroads e-bikes require pedaling, shifting gears and good balance just like any other bike, which makes riding them more familiar and enjoyable.

How Long Will the Battery Stay Charged?

With typical use, riders will be able to ride “pedal-assisted” for 30-40 miles without needing a charge or another battery. The daily life of the battery will depend on how much you decide to utilize the motor for assistance on that day’s route. Keep in mind that Backroads vans will have a supply should you need a new battery during the day’s ride. Your leaders will check in throughout the day to make sure your battery will get you where you want to go!