As we journey, so will your luggage! While we do our best to ensure the secure passage of your belongings, Backroads trips are dynamic adventures, and we want you to be aware of a few things so you can prepare for the unexpected.

Lost Luggage

With any mode of transfer—such as a flight, luggage shuttle or transportation to the hotel—there is the possibility of lost luggage. Backroads believes that it is a great idea to fly with a small carry-on with enough clothing and supplies to last a day or two. Also be sure to bring with you any personal gear you deem indispensable on the trip. This way, in the event of lost luggage, you will not have to spend time replacing essential items and miss activities while you wait for your bags to catch up

Please note that Backroads does not assume responsibility for any luggage lost or damaged during your trip.


Electronics & Other Valuables

It is best to leave valuables at home. This includes iPads, jewelry and expensive clothing items. If you must bring valuables on the trip, please understand that they are 100 percent your responsibility, regardless of what anyone (including leaders) might tell you. Cash, jewelry and passports are especially important to keep in your possession. It is not safe to leave valuables in your luggage or Backroads vans; while not common, theft and break-ins do happen. If your travel protection or credit card covers loss of personal belongings, know the coverage limits so you can plan accordingly. You may choose to lock them in your room’s safe if one is available to you.

Although we will facilitate the transport of your belonging during your trip as a convenience, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or loss. This policy applies to personal electronics as well as other items, such as luggage, jewelry and fragile and delicate accessories, whether purchased on the trip or otherwise. Remember that your bags will pass through many hands to reach each destination!

After your trip ends, if you realize that you have accidentally left an item behind in Backroads’ possession, we will do our best to honor return requests. However, we are not able to guarantee returns based on leader availability limitations to find and send items (our leaders are on the go!) and possible shipping issues. If you have left an item at a hotel, please contact them directly to make arrangements.