I’m not much of a cyclist, but my spouse or companion is—will I be happy? Yes! We’re glad to accommodate folks who aren’t keen on riding, with a few considerations:

Am I Choosing the Right Trip?

Your Trip Consultant will happily help you find a trip with plenty of enjoyable off-the-bike options for guests who prefer not to ride. Of course, logistical considerations do make some of our itineraries better than others for non-riders, and we want to make sure we help you find the trip that’s right for you.

Will I Be Stuck in the Van All Day?

This varies from trip to trip and day to day. Your leaders will always do their best to accommodate you, but our biking trip itineraries are designed with riders in mind—and supporting riders is your Trip Leaders’ foremost concern. So, yes, on most trips there will almost certainly be times when you’ll simply ride along in the support van.

How Can I Best Enjoy Myself Once I’m on the Trip?

Don’t be shy! Relay your expectations to your leaders so they’re in the best possible position to help you.

Can I Venture Out on My Own?

Your leaders can often suggest options for activities or excursions you may enjoy on your own. (Please note that any additional transportation expenses are not covered by Backroads.)

Will This Be a Real Backroads Experience?

It’s important to know that our biking—and some multi-adventure—trips are designed with riders in mind. That said, as long as your expectations are aligned with the reality of a Backroads trip, we should be able to provide you with a great experience!