Backroads provides a GPS cycling computer for navigation on your trip! If you opt to use this device, here are some things to know before you start riding.

Device with Paper Directions

We encourage the use of paper directions in conjunction with the GPS device for the best navigation experience on trip.

Staying on Course

The GPS device shows you where you are along the course at all times. When you do go off course, the device will notify you both audibly and visually with a message, and you’ll be able to see where you are in relation to the course to navigate back. The device will not, however, adjust your route to send you back to the course.

Turn-by-Turn Notification

When a turn is approaching, the GPS device displays on-screen instructions, but will not read the directions aloud. The device will also notify you when you reach a point of interest along the route.

Battery Life

The battery will last for most routes 100km/65miles or less. Your paper directions can assist you should your battery run out. Your Trip Leaders will either charge your device for you each evening or provide you with a charging cable should you want to charge the device yourself.

Points-of-Interest and Decision Point Notification

Along with turn-by-turn directions, the GPS device provides a list of important spots along the route such as lunch, restrooms and shuttle points. Additional details about these stops are contained within our paper directions only—the GPS device displays a limited amount of characters.