Trevor Husted

Trevor Husted

Trevor has always been a traveler. A dual-citizen of the US and Belgium, he grew up in a bilingual household in Seattle and made frequent trips to Europe with his family. It was the Pacific Northwest landscape that shaped his respect for nature at an early age, and working at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camps after college that ignited his zeal for helping others. A self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, nomad, teacher, troubadour and wandering jester, Trevor is constantly on the move with leading Backroads biking trips in the summer and seeking high-elevation snow around his Lake Tahoe home in the winter. He’s also currently earning a master’s degree in education. Above all, Trevor’s true passion is to instill a love for adventure, nature, culture and caring in others.

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Chateaux Chenonceau

In French, 'castles' translates to 'châteaux' and throughout the country there are many châteaux that embody the extravagance of French nobility f...

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Icelandic flag plate

The North Atlantic waters off the coast of Iceland are frigid, rough and can turn on a dime, yet within them live some of the region’s most precio...

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A Bohemian beer sampler in Prague, Czech Republic

Beer is a big deal in the Czech Republic. Per capita, the people here consistently consume the most beer in the world and the region's rich brewin...

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Variety of Belgian waffle desserts with toppings

Waffles in Belgium have a distinct connection to the city or town in which they were developed, and many families and regions guard their recipes ...

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