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Whether you're on Backroads' Belize and Guatemala Multisport trip or traveling on your own, head to Belize for stunning beaches, abundant wildlife, lush forests and Maya ruins. You can also get some fantastic rice-and-beans or beans-and-rice (yes there is a difference). As someone who's lived in the country, I can assure you that Belize is a fantastic place to visit!
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Planet Madagascar

Trying to stay upright, I slowly place one foot in front of the other, and I focus on the encouraging face of my Malagasy guide. One false step and I'll be in the drink with all my gear. I'm crossing a stream on a slippery log in southern Madagascar on my way to learn how to develop sanitation projects in remote communities. This is pretty incredible, considering that just 48 hours earlier I was staring at two male lions in the comfort of a Land Rover while leading one of Backroads's most impressive trips: South Africa & Botswana Multisport. Now, here I am trudging through the lush green countryside of one of the poorest countries on earth: Madagascar.
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Is it a Grizzly Bear?

I'm flying down the hill at 50 miles an hour. Trees blow past me as I rapidly descend in elevation. Suddenly, smack in the middle of the road, I see two grizzly bears. I slam on the brakes, skidding sideways on my road bike. Somehow, I maintain control and stop, a mere 20 paces away from the two grizzlies. Startled, one runs to the side of the road, but the other holds his ground.
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Cape Town Chow Down

A hint of a sea breeze fills the air. The sky is a deep blue. From where I'm sitting I can see Table Mountain looming overhead. The waiter casually walks in and places my food in front of me. I look down, and I know I'm in for an exciting new culinary experience.
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Beat the Winter Blues

The sun's shining, there's a white carpet of snow covering the ground, and the trees are heavy from the latest snowfall. Working up a sweat, I ascend a small hill and drink in the view. As far as I can see, forest covers the landscape...
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