Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Originally from Seattle, but a Euro- and Ailurophile from a very young age, Sarah has lived in Spain, Germany and Italy. She earned her Bachelor's degrees in European History and Languages and Biology, and having worked for years in the animal shelter and veterinary industry, was very close to becoming a feline veterinarian. Just before starting grad school, however, the lure of travel, outdoor adventures and Europe once again called her away, and she joined Backroads; she hasn't looked back since! Sarah leads trips in Italy, Austria and Argentina and when not leading, spends time with her three-legged kitty, fiancé and hiking wherever she is fortunate enough to find herself. She currently lives in Trentino, Italy, along the shores of Lake Garda and near the Dolomite Mountains.

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Put together everything you love about Italy: a warm climate, the rugged coastline, mountains, food, history, wine and rich cultural traditions. L...

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