Michelle Muench

Michelle Muench

Michelle has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Africa, but "Latin America is a region that I hold dear to my heart," she says enthusiastically. "Not only does it offer some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, its people have a warmth and passion for life that I love." As a Trip Leader in Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Patagonia and Peru, Michelle had the joy of introducing Backroads guests to these rich cultures, "so deeply focused on music, dance and family." Now married to a Costa Rican and the mother of twins, Michelle is our Regional Manager for Latin America and strives to develop trips that offer the most authentic local experience possible while giving guests the trip of a lifetime.

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Women in Havana, Cuba

Last week our Cuba Trip Expert Lara and I returned from our annual Cuba "dry run," where we prepared for our upcoming Backroads Cuba trips startin...

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