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Trusty Travel Spork

As a professional active traveler, my suitcase is filled with items that can get me from epic bicycle journey to Michelin-starred restaurant, to the opera and back to the trailhead. This said, when asked "what's in my suitcase," the contents certainly depend on the trip I'm about to embark on with one small, culinary-inclined exception: my trusty travel spork.
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Travel Stretches

Long flights, trains rides and layovers. These extended stints of sitting and inactivity as you're preparing for--or recovering from--your Backroads trip are the perfect opportunity for tight muscles (and possible injury) in the hips, legs and back. But your travels needn't stifle your muscular health! All you need to keep your body healthy and ready for riding, hiking and adventuring is a little bit of space, forethought and this quick stretching routine that you can do in your hotel room, in the airport or even on the plane.
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24 Hours In Istanbul

Minarets and church spires. The call to prayer and tantric beats of lounge music. These are just a couple of the contrasts you'll encounter wandering the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. The dynamics of this city have been thousands of years in the making and while it's known for its history, this fascinating international hot spot is quickly gaining a reputation for its contemporary culture.
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The End of the World

Ukulele chords strummed, vibrant plumerias bloomed and hula skirts swished as soon as my feet hit the tarmac. I was back in Hawaii–one of my favorite places on the planet. But this time, instead of training for a grueling Ironman, or spending time with friends, I was in Hawaii as a first-year Backroads Trip Leader...
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