Leandra Bitterfeld

Leandra Bitterfeld

Leandra, a Maryland native, came to Backroads at the ripe old age of 12…as a guest! It was on that trip, somewhere between Bryce and Zion, that she decided being a Backroads Trip Leader seemed like the best job ever. Ten years later--just one week after college graduation--she hopped on a plane to begin her journey as a leader in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons . Her favorite thing about being a Backroads leader is that every day is an opportunity to learn from the people around her, whether that means co-leaders, guests or locals. When not leading, Leandra she loves to ski, snowboard, run, hike, practice yoga and cook, or anything that doesn’t involve sitting still.

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Cycling in Copenhagen, Denmark

Though the Dutch may claim the title for Amsterdam, Copenhagen is considered by many to be the biking capital of the world. In fact, half of all D...

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