Kimberly Defanti Hoernig

Kimberly Defanti Hoernig

Ask Kimberly about her travels and she’ll likely start talking about street food: crispy golgappas in India, fresh barracuda in Nicaragua, spicy papaya salad in Laos... She believes there’s no better way to experience a culture than through local cuisine. With a degree in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a deep fascination with the world’s diversity, this native Californian has eaten—and kayaked, cycled, trekked, dived, spelunked, rafted and camel-rode—her way through more than 35 countries. She loves sharing her passion for travel as a Marketing Writer and Editor at Backroads.

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When I started working at Backroads this past June, I had never been on a road bike in my life. But this October, I joined 230 of my coworkers at ...

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