Jodi Domsky

Jodi Domsky

Before Jodi reached her 25th birthday, she’d traveled to all seven continents. You can say her love for exploration and adventure is insatiable. A native of the small town of Jackson, Wyoming, Jodi has a slightly different outlook on the world. Waking up to bike paths right outside her door and to feet of incredible powder to ski, she’s learned to take advantage of every outdoor opportunity that comes her way. Even her friends and family joke that she can never say “no” to any activity. Adventure time aside, she continues to use her environmental studies degree to advocate for the outdoor world. Backroads has allowed her to share her passion for travel and love for the environment with all of her guests.

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Winter in Yellowstone with Backroads

Yellowstone in the winter takes on an entirely different appearance. You wander through the main attractions and it's quiet. You watch the breath ...

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