Hunter Ellis

Hunter Ellis

Hunter grew up among apple trees and grapevines in Sonoma County, California. From a young age, he’s been lucky enough to travel to far-flung corners of the world with his father, who owns and operates a one-man ecotourism company. Hunter fell in love with bikes while living carless for 5 years in Portland, Oregon, studying Classics and commuting by bicycle. This was just the beginning of a long-lasting affair that has come to include restoring, building and touring by bike.

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Whirling Dervishes in Cappadocia Turkey

There's a place in Turkey where I descended into the bowels of the earth, terrified I'd never resurface, then flew to the highest reaches of the h...

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Crater Lake Oregon biking

Oregon is beautiful. From its forests to its deserts, dunes to mountains, vineyards to rivers, it rarely ceases to amaze. But it’s best experience...

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