Etienne Theroux

Etienne Theroux

Born and raised in that northeastern corner of North America where people speak a weird French, Etienne always had his roots grounded in Québec but his mind floating around the world. He spent half of his adulthood outside his province, traveling on his own, if not making other people travel (his favorite job). Crossing Canada by bicycle at 19 years old, he undertook 7 years later a 19,000-mile bicycle journey to cross the continent the other way, from further up the Arctic Circle all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. His love for the mountains made his trip harder, cycling in the Rockies, the Sierra Madre and the Andes. He’s not just up there in the mountains though—you might see him off his bike at a bar in a bustling city, transiting on a European train or exploring new places on foot.

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