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How to Pack for a Hiking Trip

The world’s most stunning hiking trails, charming streets and cultural sites are begging you to explore them. Obtaining the right gear and trying it out beforehand will definitely help you get them most out of your hiking trip.
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Biking in Laos – Immersed in an Ancient World

The mother of two children clinging to her long, woven skirt encourages her two-year-old son to wave to you by grabbing his wrist and saying “sabaidee,” which means “hello” in Lao. When you pass by on your bike, waving back, the woman's daughter calls out, “Bye-bye!,” a phrase she probably learned at an early age to use to address passing bike tourists. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a celebrity, try biking in Laos. Laotians in remote villages don't see many Westerners rolling through their homeland.
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