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How Fit Do You Have To Be To Go On A Backroads Trip?

It doesn’t take a pro-level fitness ability to have the time of your life on a Backroads trip! We design our trips with a variety of route options each day so you can meet or even challenge your own expectations of how far you think can go. A Backroads leader shares his tips on how to prepare for maximum power & fun on your next active adventure!
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History of America’s National Parks

America’s National Park Service was founded on the ideals of individual naturalist authors and artists like John Muir. Their awe-turned-advocacy promoted a shift in thought: nature is a treasure that needs to be preserved, protected and cherished. Explore our National Parks with Backroads!
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Is a Backroads Trip Worth the Price?

Backroads Trips aren't cheap. We get it. As a Backroads leader, it's not uncommon for me to hear (always from someone who hasn't traveled with us yet) "I could go there and do it myself for half the price." When I hear someone say something like that, I usually just smile and say, "Well, there are certainly a lot of ways to travel, but you'd be surprised at just how much you get from a Backroads trip." And the reason for my smile is that, having seen firsthand what our guests experience in the course of their trip, the question of "Where is the value?" is hardly a question at all. I've lost count of how many guests have expressed to me how worthwhile their experience has been. So what is it? What makes a Backroads trip so well worth the price?
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Hike or Bike Tour? How to Choose the Perfect Trip

Exploring a new place actively, whether on a bike or your own two feet, sets a pace that enables you to appreciate its sights, sounds and smells, to experience its depth beyond the tourist attractions, and to notice details of its character that might slip by if viewed from a car or a tour bus. Both cycling and hiking offer excellent ways to experience a new place, and whether you want to push your limits or take it easy on your trip, Backroads offers a trip sure to appeal to you. The question is: how do you choose?
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Family Travel Made Easy

As a Trip Leader, a phrase I find myself coming back to often when speaking to guests or potential guests about traveling with Backroads is some version of, "We take care of all of the annoying aspects of travel to let you enjoy the good stuff." This philosophy applies to every trip Backroads offers, but after leading trips for two years, I can see no time that it's more valuable than when my guests are traveling with kids.
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